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Alliance Media Theatricals is the first company of it's kind to offer hands-on, personal development coaching and support to get your project off the ground.

We don't just offer advice, we are personally there with you the entire time!


If you are a writer with an idea to bring your play, musical, or other form of live-event presentation to the stage, we are here to help you do it. No expensive workshops, impersonal coaching where you have to pay every time we talk, and no video tutorials can replace the face-to-face advantage of personal day-to-day support. While we do offer all those things 24/7, it's our ability and desire to work alongside you that makes us unique.


From an initial free consultation and review of your script, to a 90-Day Fast-Track plan that puts in motion all the tools you will need to launch your project with the highest level of professionalism possible, to staying around until the opening of your production, we're there every single step of the way.  LEARN MORE BELOW.

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Alliance Media Theatricals

The 90-Day Fast-Track

Having the motivation to self-produce is a great first step. Trying to learn as you go can be a costly endeavor.


That's why it makes more sense to begin with a plan, and design a strategy to help put all the tools you'll need in place from the start.


Yes, you can try going at it alone, spending hours looking for the right resources, vendors, and tools you will need in the coming months, or you can work with Alliance Media Theatricals, allowing us to bring our expertise, resources, skills, and contacts to the project. In the long run, the 90-Day Fast-Track saves you thousands of dollars in production costs, all while helping you raise the capital you will need to move your project forward.

Following the free consultation and review process, you will have the choice to launch your project utilizing our 

90-Day Fast-Track. 


With the Fast-Track you will get a professionally-crafted plan of action before you begin your journey.

The goal of The Fast-Track is to build from a point of strength, a concrete base, if you will.


You get real, tangible assets and a plan to include: 


  • A structured 90-day plan that is updated and adjusted weekly.

  • Twice weekly face-to-face or phone meetings to discuss progress. 

  • A written, dynamic time-line that moves the project forward.

  • A dynamic production budget, updated every two weeks.

  • A clear strategy for raising capital with our complete involvement and assistance.

  • A fully functional website for the creator/writer/playwright/company.

  • A fully functional website for your production.

  • Creation of all necessary social media platforms.

  • A production time-line with a tentative production start date.

  • Full service Publicity and PR services in preparation for announcing your project. 

  • An HR plan.

  • A Casting plan.

  • Assistance and direction in securing the right venue for your production.

  • A Marketing/Advertising plan.

  • Video Marketing.

  • Photoshoot.

  • The opportunity to network and meet possible contributors, investors, and producers.

  • And much, much more...

All the above services are critical to the success of a fledging production, and are provided for one flat fee. Each 90-Day Fast-Track has all the necessary elements of a successful launch, but will be tailored to your specific project as needed.

After the 90-days, you will no longer need to pay a cent for the continued mentoring, consultation, or support provided by this service. But the biggest bonus you get is that we continue to work for you until you realize your production goal.



To Get You Started
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Dynamic Budget

New Websites
Social Media
With the 90-Day Fast-Track, Alliance Media Theatricals provides all the necessary tools to get your production headed in the right direction.
These are exactly the "tools" you will need to initiate such things as fundraising / capital development, industry awareness, and early branding that builds your reputation in the industry, as well as develops the kind of following you will need to sell more tickets down the line.
Having a well-rounded, professional image in the industry tells industry leaders, vendors, potential investors, and producers that you are a serious player and that you are ready to do what it takes to be successful in this highly competitive field.
You can purchase and contract services (or tools) separately, as needed. In fact, you can spend hours shopping around for many of these services. But with the 90-Day Fast-Track, you will not only save as much as 60-75%, you will also receive professional design and services with a consistent cross-platform image right from the start! There's no better way to kick off your project. One price provides it all. And for one full year, we will make changes and manage all of it at no additional cost. 
For more information and a quote, please double click on any of images displayed or contact us at 646-285-3033, or development@alliancemediatheatricals.com 
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