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Why Site Specific?

It's like a video of your play or event,

but shot low budget on location!

Remember shooting videos of a play or event on a live staged performance? This is the same idea, except you take your cast on location, block the scene as you would onstage, and then record it with more angles, cuts, editing on location. 

The challenge here is to get the best filmic quality, but keep the final product looking more like a play, but in an actual setting.

With a minimal budget, in a covid-safe environment, and with a small cast and minimal crew, you can now have your play produced and presented anyway you want.

Theatre festivals, for instance, are now accepting exactly this type of finished product and show-casing the work in digital formats until live performances return. And some companies are even creating these safe productions to present on their websites during the pandemic.

For more information, and an estimate, call 646-285-3033.

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