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Why Zoom?

A Zoom Reading is Surprisingly Effective & Affordable.

"Zoom plays are boring and nobody watches them." We are sure you've heard this. It's partly true.

But what if we told you that Zoom readings, when professionally directed, edited, and produced are a phenomenal way to bring your work to life, and help industry insiders become familiar with your work? 

True, Zoom productions as a replacement for live productions lack punch if you're trying to sell tickets and make money. But if your goal is to highlight your work in the same manner a live reading might do so pre-Covid, then Zooms are an even BETTER alternative than a live reading. Think about it:

√ Zoom readings can be recorded and shared as much as you want, when you want, anywhere you want!

√ Zoom readings are way more affordable then having to rent a space for a one time reading. Plus you are not limited to one or two showings.


√ Zoom readings can be rehearsed online, recorded in scenes to avoid scheduling conflicts and additional costs.


√ Zooms can be presented online as a major event to a targeted, special invite audience, and then shared whenever you want with people unable to attend your event.


A professionally crafted Zoom reading, with direction, shooting, editing, and delivered as a final product can range from as little as $500 for everything depending on your play. This can include creating the event and marketing it to your target audience.


Call 646-285-3033 for a quote.  

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