Our Mission

The primary mission of Alliance Media Theatricals (AMT) is to guide independent self-producing playwrights through the process of producing their own work with minimal loss and a higher level of success and earning. By allowing the artist to focus all their energy on the creation process. and removing the stress and anxiety required to "produce" a play or musical, AMT is able to ensure a faster and more stable approach to taking the play from finished script to final production. 

With an emphasis on directly creating all the tools a fledging production will need before the production process begins, and ensuring that the foundation is in place from the start, we then turn our attention to guiding the production to its primary objective, whether its an Off-Broadway or Off-Off Run, a festival production, a touring show or some other end goal. 

Getting Started

To explore whether AMT can help your production move forward,

please email Roger Gonzalez at RogerG@LocalTheatreNY.tv.

Please provide:

        √ Cover letter and introduction.

        √ Brief Synopsis & Character Breakdown.

        √ Production History.

        √ Your objective for this next production.

        √ Contact information.